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Is your 2017 cloud resolution to grow your online presence?

If your resolution for 2017 is to grow your online presence, provide a better customer experience or maximising your ecommerce revenue without increasing your workload, then switching your hosting to the cloud is exactly what you’re looking for! Moving your website or web application into a cloud hosting environment means you can take advantage of the latest, high speed, highly available infrastructure to power your application. You can easily ‘scale up’ to meet your growing demands and only pay for what you use, making it more cost effective than the lofty fixed monthly costs of traditional dedicated or virtual servers. One of the biggest mistakes however, is attempting to manage the cloud operations by yourself – highlighted in our Mistakes to Avoid in AWS  EBook. While some car drivers might be...

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AWS Reinvent 2016: Embiggen your business with Amazon Web Services

Three weeks ago, Amazon Web Services ran their annual love-fest in Las Vegas and it was quite a remarkable week. On arrival, attendees (all 32,000+ of them) were given a shiny new Alexa Echo Dot, Amazon’s latest entrant into the growing market for voice controlled, AI-based smart assistants, a segment that includes Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana. Amazon have now made it clear that they’re taking Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning very seriously, with four brand new, developer-focussed AI related services (Polly, Rekognition, Lex and MXNet) announced during the week. The free Alexa Echo Dots yet another incentive for developers to start building apps that make use of (and ultimately contribute to) Amazon’s efforts in this space. The week was brought to a close with a spectacular party,...

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AWS discount vouchers? We can do better than that!

If you’re looking to reduce your AWS spend, read on. It’s no secret that the range of cloud services offered by providers such as Amazon Web Services brings many benefits to your business. Despite this, complex usage pricing and a huge range of services (around 60 at this stage!) means that it can be challenging controlling your costs. While many organisations move to the cloud expecting to save money, depending on how you’ve set things up you may find you’re spending more than you expected to. And while AWS discount vouchers sadly aren’t really a thing – Anchor has a few simple ways to reduce your AWS costs. You can get a quick fix with the “AWS Caretaker” service – simply link Anchor as your billing provider and you’ll immediately benefit from our volume discounts. We should be able to...

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Australian Internet Conference 2016 (PESA)

In under 2 weeks, Anchor will be on our way to the Gold Coast for the Internet Conference’s 10th year.  We’ve taken out Bronze Sponsorship and will be exhibiting in the Magento Pavilion within the exhibition hall. The Magento Pavilion has been created to recognise the importance of the Magento platform in creating flexible, scalable e-Commerce solutions, making it the most popular open source e-Commerce CMS in the world. Anchor was the first Magento hosting partner in Australia and will be the exclusive hosting partner exhibiting in this space, showcasing our services including our internationally successful Magento-as-a-Service, Fleet, that sits on AWS. As well as providing more traditional hosting and managed services, Anchor also now provides a suite of services designed to help your organisation accelerate it’s transition towards taking a...

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Magento Imagine 2016 and Magento Cloud

The Anchor Sales and Marketing Team have returned unscathed and intact from the 2016 Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas….albeit with lighter wallets as a result of living in casinos for a week. On the back of our Platinum sponsorship in 2015, Anchor attended this years Imagine conference excited to learn more about the Magento community, upcoming changes and basically for a great excuse to catch up with our international (and local Australian) partners. Held at the Wynn Hotel, Imagine doesn’t disappoint. Bringing together 2500+ commerce experts, merchants, agencies and technology partners across 45+ different countries, great food, people, service and events all make for a week of learning and networking – with some awesome after parties. When you’re meeting up with customers and partners poolside, beer in hand with...

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We’re at Magento Imagine 2016!

April 11th- 13th, Las Vegas, USA The Magento Imagine conference is in its sixth year of connecting global ambassadors and businesses to the ‘eCommerce ecosystem’. This year, it will bring together over 2 500 Magento ecommerce inspired merchants and technology providers from over 45 countries who will not only collaborate but also enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in the fast moving Las Vegas. Anchor are excited to announce that they will be attending Imagine for the 2 nd year in a row, excited to connect and learn about what is happening with other Magento specialised companies around the world. This year, the keynote speaker is, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, whose keynote speech will focus on what strategies he used to not only be an MVP on the court but...

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Merry Christmas from the Anchor Team

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and joyous New Year from all of us at Anchor! Over the holiday period Anchor will be closed on the following days only: December 25th, December 28th, January 1st. Artwork by: Anhdres

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New Employee Training: The Anchor way.

Traditionally, new employee onboarding is very text based: read a bunch of documents and FAQs, practice a few tasks, and ‘Boom’—you’re thrown in the deep end. At Anchor, we focus on hiring smart, energetic and passionate people. However, new employees have to take in a staggering amount of information if they are to have any chance of keeping up with the constantly changing hosting industry. We felt we needed a more robust method of onboarding new employees. I was tasked with forming the core of this new onboarding framework, through the creation of ‘Minh’s Modules’; a set of training sessions I ran initially with a new intake of employees which were recorded to give future Anchorites a set of training materials to start with. But there was only one problem....

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Continuous Delivery for Magento with Fleet

Continuous Delivery for your Magento store with Fleet You may have heard of continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI) without giving either term much further thought. It’s not uncommon for e-commerce managers and even some developers to be confused about how CD and CI can improve your online e-commerce store. Maybe you don’t see the commercial benefits. Maybe you don’t see the need to change your existing processes. Maybe the concept of pushing so many code changes into production every day sounds daunting. So I’m going to explain why you should, you must, you need to understand CD and/or CI and how to apply the deployment process to your Magento website using Anchor’s Fleet platform. The speed, method and frequency of your code deployments will each have a massive impact on the...

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